“When was the last time you had your putter’s lie, loft, and length checked? Have you ever had a putter fitting? A putter is the most used club in the bag so shouldn’t it fit you? If you want to play good golf you need to love your driver, your wedges, and above all, your putter.

Putting is over 42% of the game of Golf, yet statistics show that only 2% of the people who play golf ever take a putting lesson, which is one of the reasons that handicaps haven’t changed in 30 years. If you want to improve your handicap, lower your scores, and have more fun, learn to putt. Be assured, putting is a skill that can be learned.” – Glen Kirk

JessyJames Golf would like to introduce Glen Kirk, our Certified Putting Instructor. He has fit putters and taught putting to professionals on two different tours for six years. Glen studied under, and was certified by, Harold Swash, Britain’s “Putting Doctor” and creator of C-Groove putter technology.

With over 50 years of experience in golf, Glen‘s career has covered many positions, including District Manager for a major golf manufacturer, an independent representative for eight manufacturers, a manager of a golf store, a Tour Representative for a major putter company, a golf coach concentrating on the single plane technique, a club fitter as well as a certified repair technician.

Glen has also had a fulfilling career as an amateur player. Some of his accomplishments are as follows:

  • Winner of multiple tournaments, including:
    • The Lake Wales Citrus Invitational
    • The Platinum Coast Invitational
    • The Mount Dora Invitational
    • The FSGA Four Ball Championship
    • The Central Florida Golf Championship at Disney World
    • ┬áThe Brooksville Tangerine Invitational
    • Two time winner of the Dallas City Championship in Dallas, Texas.
  • The first person to ever hold two Orlando City Amateur Championships at the same time.
  • The oldest person to win the Florida State Amateur Championship at age 37.
  • Played on the Space Coast Mini Tour as a professional.

Glen‘s extensive experience in these facets of the golf industry, as well as his success as a player, offers our clients a unique opportunity to work with someone who has been there, done that and has the skill to prove it.

Come visit Glen and transform your putting game today!